Here you can see some of the local artists we work with, which may connect you to the piece that you have been looking for!

This page will be updated as and when we have a moment in the Gallery/ Workshop. This will be updated as we go, so many more to follow! Please note we only share artists in no particular order that sell their artworks.




Nicki Hughes


Nicki has been a customer for a roughly three years now. Through this time we have seen her art grow, change and flourish into something brilliant! There is a lot you can take from her artworks which range from quite small pieces on heavy weight paper to fairly large deep canvases.

All of her pieces provide a real bang of colour and vibrancy which can really set off a room. ( She has also done some subtle pieces too)

She is very busy on social media with lots of great videos and pictures being uploaded regularly. In the real world, she has had exhibited and holds workshops where she shares her skill with others. Details of this can be found on her website.

We are really proud to support her and be her go to picture framers.

Please see the links to her pages below:



Steven Mahn


Steven Mahn has to be one of the most diverse artists we have had the pleasure of meeting. He really offers so much in both traditional and contemporary art. Steven is always busy painting and creating, whilst always being happy spending the time to talk about his art.

One style Steven does is hyper realism, which captures his models in a beautiful way that a camera could never produce. These pieces are produced using a mix of graphite and other artist materials to achieve the deep effect. Steven also produces more traditional styled oil and watercolour paintings which many depict local scenes that many will recognise. Steven also paints contemporary/ visionary art which he has moved into more recently. These very much make you think about what you can see and create a real talking point.

We have had the pleasure of knowing Steven for a few years now and have Completed framing of many of his works.

Stevens Website and Social media:



Pauline Lerry

collaged oil painting on paper Light Source Drawing      Shadow Painting


Artist Pauline Lerry trained at Hereford, Ravensbourne, and Birmingham Colleges or Art, gaining degrees in Fashion and Textiles. She now lives in Somerset, and follows her own practice full time, after having had a career in Design, and Art and Design education. She is a painter, however mixed media drawing also plays a key role in her practice. She uses a range of approaches in her work, many of which concentrate on the sense, or mood of the subject matter, and the nature of the media. Often it takes on a direction of its own, with responses to elements of unpredictability. She has come to realise that investigating, and watching what happens to materials and surface contributes to the development of her work.